Specialising in healing soul fracture. Our souls have been split through trauma to be used in dark agendas. This includes involvement in the secret space programs, satanic ritual abuse in childhood, mind control programming, AI interference, V2K technology, bloodline families, missing years, traumatic past lives and/or parallel realities.

During sessions I can confirm and expand your memories of quantum entanglement. I access the Akashic records through data stored in your DNA. With Divine guidance, we work through the issues by clearing trauma, ending negative agreements and integrating your returned stolen soul essence. Restoration brings positive energy into your life and better access to your soul's inherent gifts. Your light body will be activated.

I aim to clear the astral realms. I support galactic reunification through the restoration of star families. I facilitate individual and group soul sovereignty through embodiment of Divine Source.

This work is sacred, ethical, private and profound. For awake souls, healers, star seeds, time walkers, super soldiers, light warriors. Reduced rates for whistleblowers. Free if we have shared past life histories.